KWA & Jackye Lanham Celebrate Stephanie Reeves’ Retirement

Keivan Woven Arts recently had the honor of hosting, along with Jackye Lanham, a retirement party for dear friend Stephanie Reeves.

From delicious Persian catering and refreshing drinks, to delightful and entertaining company, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Here are some pictures from the soiree.

Left: Co-host Jackye Lanham and honoree Stephanie Reeves embrace as Stephanie arrives at the party.

Right: Norman Askins and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles editor Elizabeth Ralls.

Left: Keivan Woven Arts owners Keivan and Hedi Beroukhim pose before the party.

Right: Jackye Lanham and Hedi Beroukhim chat prior to guests arriving.

Left: Liz Godwin, Deborah Childers, Amy Underwood, and Richard Childers.

Right: Keivan Beroukhim and Jackye Lanham chat.

Left: Stephanie Reeves and her husband, Bill Reeves, pose with Virginia White.

Right: Guests enjoying the party.

Left: Margaret Kirkland and Keivan Beroukhim.

Right: Anna-Louise Wolfe, Margaret Kirkland, and Hedi Beroukhim.

Left: More festivities at the party.

Right: Keivan and Hedi Beroukhim are joined by designers from Peace Design, Jessica Bailey and Hillary Mancini.

Left: Hedi Beroukhim and Susan Bozeman.

Right: Lauren Alford and Keivan Beroukhim pose on the “red carpet.”

Left: Hedi Beroukhim and Mary-Kate Fetch.

Right: Bruce Cook, Stephanie Reeves and Judy Bentley.

Left: John Craft, Jackye Lantham, Lauren Alford, and Bill Litchfield.

Right: Ann Stovall, Woody Yeomans, William Bloomfield, and John Craft.