Antique Heriz

What gives your place, your home, your office, your business building the beautiful grace of luxury and liveliness? The inside interiors and decorations give you the best look, but when it comes to the floor or the walls, a beautiful textured rug can make the beauty of your home elevated to the highest degree. We are Keivan Woven Arts, and we give you our best to provide you with the finest Antiques, Semi-Antiques, and Contemporary rugs and related services to make your place a place full of style and beauty. Today we have, among other things, a wide variety of specially made antique Heriz rugs, which are best known for their uniqueness in design and texture.

We have a complete range of decorative rugs products, including decorative Turkish, decorative Persian, traditional Design, contemporary Design, European & Spanish, Khotan, Moroccan, Tulu, Kilim, American & Hook Rugs, Chinese & Art Deco, Caucasian & Collectable, Tribal, Tapestry & Textile, Oushak Rugs Atlanta and Antique Rugs Atlanta. These rugs come from people who make them with traditional techniques and tools which have been passed down from one generation to another in countries like India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, and European nations and countries where people have perfected the art of making rugs and carpets. We have maintained an exhaustive list of the variety of carpets and variations we offer.

Included in these are the antique Herizstyle of rugs that are well known for their designs. Our antique Herizcarpets come in a heavy-pile texture with a uniquestyle: they are outlined with an outer rectangle made with a different texture than the inner rectangle. The colors used to express the outer rectangle are also slightly different from the colors used to express the inner design. The inner design is made up of a symmetry which gives an illusion of a mirror image of the center. These are very beautifully designed and the details of the texture both inside and outside are quite unique. By looking at the details you can see the true mental and physical laborof the makers of these antique Heriz. Most are made in Iran and have a Medallion design which depicts a traditional look with a modern style.

With our experts we not only sell the best available antique Heriz rugs from around the world but we also provide a life-cycle of services to help you maintain your rugs as well. We offer services to help you by repairing your old rugs. If you have a rug with you and you want to get it repaired, please feel free to contact us. We employ our experts to help you build your rug back to perfect condition. We also offer services to clean your old antique heriz carpets. We use different treatments to clean your rugs depending on the kind of cleaning that is required. We also purchase old rugs, so if you have one, we may be able to offer you a great price so that you can buy a new rug to make your interior space look great.

We have been in this industry for the past twenty-five years and we work hard to bring you the best that this world has to offer, from every hidden corner of the globe.

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