Vintage Turkish

Keivan Woven Arts is a retailer of Vintage and Antique collections of rugs and carpets. Keivan Woven Arts has so many magnificent antique original varieties. The design and patterns of these rugs and carpets are inspired by different countries’ antique works which depict each countries’ originality. One such variety is Vintage and Antique Turkish carpets, which depict Turkey’s rich history, dating back from the Seljuk period of the 11th Century.

Keivan Woven Arts has a wide range of all carpets, from Decorative Turkish, Persian Turkish, Traditional Design, Kilim and Flat-Weave, to Tribal, Chinese, and Art Deco carpets, all available in antique, semi-antique, and contemporary designs.

Keivan Woven Arts also has exquisite designs, from medallions to all-over prints made from wool. Designs and patterns range from 1930’s and before (antique) or the 1940’s and beyond (vintage). Each and every antique carpet keeps its origin country’s history alive in its own unique way. Every carpet is labeled with its design and origin date, and our highly cooperative and trained staff guide customers in making the best choices for their homes and businesses.

Antique Turkish carpets in particular have their own charm and attraction. Their blended perfection and antique nature remind us of the glorious history they share. Keivan Woven Arts offers exclusive antique and vintage choices for each customer. We have a wide range of selections, from antique to a blend of modern design depicting a contemporary style, all available in different arrangements, vibrant colors, and sizes. The beauty of these carpetsare that wherever they are placed, they brighten up the ambiance of any room with elegance.

Europeans introduced a particular style of Turkish design in the 19th Century.The new design introduced was a blend of old and new-era tastes, giving rug design a new life. The transformed carpets were made more soothing and the color combinations were new and unique eye-catchers.

Originally these carpets were made in Central and Western Anatolia during the reign of the Seljuk dynasty, from the 11th to the 13thCenturies. Then later the dynasty was taken over by the Ottoman Empire. During the Seljuk dynasty many areas like Konya, Oushak, and Bergama produced carpets and rugs, which are still present today in museums worldwide. ManyTurkish masterpieces were made in Oushak, which still has influence in Turkish design today.

The qualities of the Vintage Turkish rugs available at Keivan Woven Artsare a collection of the original patterns and designs, which were carefully studied and then executed by our fine-skilled team members. The specialty of these Turkish designs is that they are always in geometric form or feature prayer places or forts. Turkish carpets have less human and animal portrayals, as the Quran does not allow it.

The demand for carpets began in ancient times, from the medieval ages, when kings’ and queens’ palaces used to be decorated with carpets, both on floors and walls. Earlier rugs were made by hand, so the work was laborious and hence costly; therefore, these carpets could only be afforded by the people of elite society. That is why the carpets were considereda sign and symbol of royalty and nobility.

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