Moroccan Rugs

If you are thinking about making your home, business,or office floor more decorative and beautiful, then Keivan Woven Arts’ unique collection of Rugs will give your home a beautiful look that will bring a smile of great charm and happiness to your face. A good rug is a rug that makes you feel its presence whenever you step on it and makes you feel like you wish you could never leave it. Our collection of Moroccan rugs will give you the exact same feelingfrom the moment you first place it in your interior space.

Our collections of Moroccan rugs are unique, and you will find numerous designs from which you can select the best rug for you, depending upon color and size. First you must select the purpose for which you need the rug: is it for office use, or for a restaurant, or for your home? We have differenttypes of designs that will not only meet your requirements but will also suit your space the best.

Most Moroccan rugs have their origins in Morocco where they are made by hand by Moroccan traditional designers, artists, and weavers with the Moroccan design style. With each of these rugs you will feel the design and style of Morocco that gives it a distinctive look. These are original designs from the tribal people of Morocco who live in the Atlas Mountains and have passed their techniques and culture from one generation to another. Due to the heavy weather conditions of snow and cold, Moroccan people made rugs which were very thick. In fact, all the mats, shrouds, blankets and any other decorative items were designed in keeping the weather and culture in mind, which was passed down through generations.

Keivan Woven Arts has many Moroccan rugs, which are very unique and rich in their designs. The colors used in these rugs are available in a variety of shades, which offers you a rich combination of textures and geometric patterns. These rugs are very traditional and fashionable, as they make the overall appearance of any interior space look great.

We also offer services of repair and restorations as well. With our services, we can repair your rug at your own place, which gives you a chance to experience the finest quality of work and alleviate your from having to transport it. Our restoration team can hone in on even the most minute, small details to make your rug look fresh as new. We provide services to clean your rugs as well. With the passage of time, rugs can capture dirt and become dull, which can sometimes be unnoticeable, as the process is very slow. But once you employ our cleaning services, we will provide you with the best method of cleaning to make your Moroccan rugs clean and acheive perfection.

Keivan Woven Arts is a company that strives to offer you the best rugs from all over the world and also helps you maintain them so that your rugs stay with you forever and last a lifetime. The rugs will give your space a sense of freshness, and they will sit well both with you and with anyone who visits your space. We offer all rug-related services of repairing, selling,trading and buying old rugs,and end-to-end solutions from the purchase to the disposal of your old rug.

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