Antique Serapi

We are Kevin Woven Arts and we offer our services as providers of antiques and rugs to our customers.These are available with a great variation in choices and some of them have been produced before the 1880. We are traders who strive to bring to you the best rugs from around the globe. There are thousands of these art works, which you can search for and browse over the internet on our website or you can even visit our three-story showroom building in Atlanta, which contains all of our rugs and carpets in stock. Here we have a collection of antique Serapirugs, which are very unique and old, and depict true artwork. Many of these rugs are made by traditional weavers and artists from Morocco, Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, India and many more countries. We have a very long list of producers we have collected from our network that we have built after more than twenty-five years in the business.

We have a very good collection of antique Serapirugs, which are very rare and are unique in every way. These antique Serapicarpets are very unique many are at least over a hundred years old. The oldest ones are from the year 1880, which is very far from the present time, but they are still so fresh and relevantthat they will give your place great charm. The gravitas and ambiance formed with their presence attract everyone’s eyes. There are not many of them as these are very rare.

Serapis originated in Iran where the local tribal people made them with techniques and traditions passed down from their ancestors. These are very old and pure pieces of art with detailing done thoroughly by hand. The work done on these antique Serapi is unique and depicts how intelligently the art work is created with care and depth. They have unique designs, which were made with basic but precise tools.

All Serapi’s have the design of the late 19th Century and very beginning of the 20th Century, the years between 1880 and 1910, which make them very rare. All rugs and antiques from this period were made with the fashion design of medallions and the accuracy with which they were woven is worthy of praise. All antique Serapis are made of fine wool and have very rich colors. The colors are juxtaposed with a beautiful contrasting background, for which a different color is used. All of them have a very attractive and lush pile-texture and some of them are large as 13'4"X19'2"feet. These are made with thick wool and they show the high quality these Serapis have retained in the past hundred years, a very long time.

We also offer services of repair and restoration to help you make your rug or antique look perfect. We offer cleaning services and we even trade old rugs and antique Serapi. We are well established and well-known sellers of rugs that are not just beautiful, but that are exceptionally beautiful.

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