Our Largest and Most Grandiose Carpets, Fit for a King

Kings and queens have used thick, lush carpets with vibrant colors and unique designs to decorate their palaces for centuries. These are some of our most grandiose and palace-sized carpets, fit for royalty.


This Sultanabad carpet was woven in Pakistan and consists of a wool pile. The central field features a plethora of repeating floral medallions and motifs. Numerous borders of decadent flora and palmettes frame the entire piece. It measures 17’4″ x 23’3″, which equates to dimensions of over 5.5 x 8 yards!


This sophisticated vintage rug was woven in America in the 1970s. It has a unique oval shape and features a soft, wool pile texture. The central field holds a blossom of bright blue flowers, which extend outwards toward a larger, all-encompassing field of alternating gold stripes. The entire piece is framed by a border of pink and blue entwining garlands. This piece measures 17′ x 27’8″, which equates to over 5.5 x 9 yards!


This remarkable antique Sarouk Farahan carpet was woven in Persia during the later part of the 19th Century. The Farahan district had a long history of making the finest quality rugs with sturdy constructions. With a unique stretched medallion and classical cornices, this classic Persian carpet is richly decorated with flowing flowers, vine scrolls, leaves and curve-linear details. Measuring 17’3″ x 30’8″, this carpet is also over 5.5 x 10.5 yards big!


Woven during the mid-20th Century in India, this designer cotton Dhurrie features a flat weave. It is decorated with a diamond pattern and rendered in an inventive low-contrast color palette. The piece features repeating geometric motifs in a tasteful combination of chic pastels, including various shades of light silver or gray, buttery yellow and shades of coral. The Greek key border frames the small diamonds; simple yet transitional and modern. Its measurements are 19′ x 27′, or over 6 x 9 yards!


As our largest and most highly decorative piece, this carpet is a remarkable antique Sarouk Farahan woven in Persia during the later part of the 19th Century. Characterized by an impressive and highly artistic composition, this antique rug showcases exemplary classical Persian rug weaving with overflowing intricacy and beauty in every inch. With its extremely fine weave and lavish design, this piece is not only a great decorative item but truly a magnificent work of art. Measuring in at an astounding 22’3″ x 37’2″, this piece is also a whopping 7 x 12 yards!


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