11 Rugs Perfect for Any Kid’s Room

Above: Designer Nancy Duffey of Scout for the Home designed a nursery for the Inspiration Showhouse with one of Keivan Woven Arts’ rugs.

Kids’ rooms can sometimes be the most challenging rooms in a house to design. They should be colorful and vibrant, but also generally appealing and versatile enough to age with your children. (And we all know how notorious kids are for changing their personal tastes!)


Below, we’ve selected 11 rugs that would make perfect additions to any kid’s or teenager’s room. With colorful and engaging patterns, these rugs will delight both children and adults alike.


Woven during the mid-20th Century, this designer cotton Dhurrie is playful and rich in color, with just enough texture to make it perfect for a young child’s room. It’s decorated with a stripe pattern rendered in an inventive high-contrast color palette and features repeating geometric motifs in a tasteful combination of chic pastels, including various shades of sky blue, navy blue, yellow, ivory and hints of orange.

Measures: 10’5″ x 20’6″



This Mid-Century Modern Turkish carpet prominently features a kid’s color favorite: golden yellow. With blocks of various colors, including light blue, teal, red, maroon, pink, and orange, this unique rug showcases a cheerful, abstract design.

Measures: 5’1″ x 8’3″


This Turkish wool pile carpet was woven circa 1950 and features a variety of blocks in differing designs and colors woven together. Reminiscent of a patchwork quilt, it’s the very embodiment of traditional and cozy, perfect for a nursery.

Measures: 10’3″ x 14’1″


Another Mid-Century Modern rug, this piece consists of layered geometric shapes rendered in various greens, yellow, black and white. Spirited and light-hearted, this vintage carpet would make a great addition to any child’s room.
Measures: 3’10” x 7′


Blast from the past! This striking work of Scandinavian art reminds us of the funky styles commonly associated with the 1980s and 1990s. The richly opulent colors and unusual design are cheerful and brilliant, instantly transporting you back to Mid-Century Europe. Perfect for a creative teenager with a playful personality.

Measures: 5’7″ x 7’9″


This impressive Mid-Century Modern carpet is made of lustrous wool and was produced with a high-and-low technique. With a bold pattern and exuberant colors, including taupe, brown, ivory, cream, black, and orange, this hand-tufted rug would fit well in a play room or media room.

Measures: 9′ x 10′


This rug is extraordinary and one-of-a-kind, just like your little one! It features a deconstructed pattern in a spectrum of earthy hues, various blues, and soft tones, along with brown color elements and highlights. The textures and shapes are lively while the more neutral colors can easily be matched with other decor.

Measures: 6’8″ x 9’2″


This arty Tulu runner boasts a unique heart-shaped pattern. The various tones of light blue, red, gray, pink, forest green, and cream blend superbly to emphasize the exceptional color scheme. The chocolate border transitions to a lighter brown tone along the rug’s outline to fully accentuate the interior standout colors. The heart shapes lend femininity to a teenager’s room without relying on a lot of traditionally feminine colors.

Measures: 2′ x 7’11”


This Turkish wool-pile carpet was woven circa 1950 and features a multitude of vibrant colors, including hunter green, goldenrod yellow, red, black, sky blue, and light pink. The patches of colors are laid out in such a way as to mimic ceramic tile work. A beautiful addition to any young boy’s or girl’s room.

Measures: 4′ x 6’8″


This large vintage Moroccan rug has an all-over geometric pattern with brown and orange outlines. Other colors include ivory, black and charcoal. The tribal shapes are unique and interesting, making it perfect for a young child’s room or play room.

Measures: 10’2″ x 14’1″


The centerpiece of this vintage carpet from Turkey is a tribal, animal motif, which is flanked by surrounding borders of ivory, brown, cream, and indigo blue. The outer border features geometric blue diamonds set on a brown background. The chunky colors and whimsical motif would make this carpet work well in a boy’s room.

Measures: 6’3″ x 9’6″


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