Vintage Oushak

We have Vintage Oushak which has a very rich history behind it. It goes all the back to the 11th and the mid of the 13th century during the dynasty of the Seljuk. During this period of Seljuk dynasty and before the invasion of Ottoman few areas like Konya, Oushak, Bergama and Melas made small carpets which are till date known for its exclusive masterpieces. It was the people of Oushak that gave a new touch to Turkish design by keeping its originality at the prime importance. These carpets had a nice blend of western and ethnic look with less brightness and vibrant shades it was turning into masterpieces then. Little is known about Oushak in 17th century but then in 19th century it again re appeared as a major place of the rugs and carpet and now these Oushak designs are known by its place name only as Vintage Oushak or Antique Oushak.

Now days the Oushak carpet is becoming every interior decorator first choice because of their elegant style and touch of Vintage they give to the ambiance. These Oushak carpets are not very clustered design but are more of spacious design which enables the maker to create their own innovation and style with the larger patterns with more of the open space. We the Keivan Woven Artsdoes exactly same with these prints and produce quality Vintage Oushak in different pallets with beautiful traditional designs

We have variety of antique carpets with us from Vintage Moroccan, American and hook rugs, Tapestry and textile till Chinese art style carpets all in a very unique and ethnic style of form depicting their rich nationality. There is three broad category under each designs first one being the total antique piece then comes semi antique with little touch of new taste and last one is contemporary which is a blend of ethnic and western. The staff members we have at Keivan woven are skilled in their work and execute each design with perfection that leaves deep impression in the viewer eye.

Now Vintage Oushak designs has become trendsetter of the present décor era the more ethnic it goes the more beauty and life it brings. The beauty of every Vintage Oushak is its wide pattern style simplicity. These carpets are present in design from medallion to all over print in soothing color. And also has a label on it depicting its origin, design, color, textile and measurement but the exciting part is few of the original design have years written on them which tells about their birth.

This craziness for Vintage Oushak carpets is indeed increasing day by day simply because of its beauty and elegance. This style and fashion will never fade off in fact it will get more dipper denser and richer. Wherever these pieces of fine art are placed they just shine through everything and give the whole ambiance an antique look full of peace and calm. At last I would say they are the mark of some of the greatest artist we had back in history and the beauty of those times.

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