Antique Oushak Rugs

When uniqueness in style and design is to be realized on must see the work of antique Oushak rugs which offers uniqueness in every piece of it. Oushak which is actually coming from Usak which was a major city known well for producing carpets those were well known for its combinations of designs and use of great textures representing their culture and beautiful traditions in the carpets. It was during the Ottoman Empire when it the tradition boomed and then passed on to the generations.

The antique Oushak rugs with us are from the same very culture that gives your modern world a style which is so culture rich that will give your place the happiness and charm from Usak. These are finest quality rugs which are made up of wool, will give you great experience when you will touch them and will confuse you with its impression of purity and finishing. You can find different variety of colors engraved with a design pattern mesmerizing to eyes. There are colors such as golden, bronze and saffron those will give your place a royal look, and with Ivory, gray and green you will feel the modern touch packaged in the traditional design.

There is a very rich culture that is associated with antique Oushak rugs which was formed during the 15th and 16th century when it got the popularity from the star and medallion designs those were new during that period. But with time it became so famous that they were adopted with the culture representing these designs and textures. These are very famous and in demand for which you can see auctions happening and are of finest quality.

These antique Oushak rugs are great in quality, are completely made with wool. Most of the rug lovers knows the quality and worthiness of these rugs and are always looking forward to make a collection of these precious rugs. These are of high quality which can make your place which can be a home, a restaurant, public meeting place, a hall or even a business place get its grace of royalty marked.

Antique Oushak rugs set a great gravity where ever they are unrolled. With its colors, with its textures and design, they make and catch attraction that is inescapable and praised by every eye that views it. We have great variety of antique Oushak rugs those are available in different sizes and colors. The texture and designs are also available and each piece of it represents the hard work and detail that people have put on while making each piece of it. Because of this reason every piece of Oushak rug is having uniqueness and delivers great sense of satisfaition and charm with it. The attraction is so heavy that artists and painters never miss mentioning about it. In fact during the renaissance period these antique Oushak rugs were captured in their paintings.

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