Transitional Rugs

We have a well maintained category which offers all kind of rugs ranging from all Decorative Rugs, decorative Turkish, decorative Persian, traditional Design, Transitional rugs, contemporary Design, European & Spanish, Khotan, Moroccan, Tulu, Kilim, American & Hook Rugs, Chinese & Art Deco, Caucasian & Collectable, Tribal, Tapestry & Textile, Oushak Rugs Atlanta and Antique Rugs Atlanta.

We are kavin Woven Arts which is an expert seller of products and services related to antiques and rugs. We offer our fine quality of rugs which are traded from around the world. We also strive to provide you best in class and quality Antique, Semi Antiques, rugs of different type from around the world with thousands of options to choose from. These designs are very rich according to culture, also carry forward the tradition, and are made with uniqueness by people formerly employed in making of tradition stuff with her local techniques.

We have rugs those are from different regions, from Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and many more where culture rich people who have been carrying on the tradition of making rugs and carpets make the best in quality stuff with their skills and techniques those have been carried forward from generation to generations. With over thousands of options to select from, you can select a rug according to the origin, the size, the style, color and texture.

Out of these Transitional rugs are rugs those are with designs from 18th and 19th century. The colors used in the making of these rugs are contemporary and offers a great experience of viewing and touch. These are rugs which can well fit in your all kind of requirements like in home drawing rooms, halls, workplace receptions or in living rooms. These are available with textures which are drawn with a base color which gives a spell bounding effect when you see it. Especially the red color of this category is very soothing and will bring a smile and a charm on your face. There are very beautiful other textures in Transitional rugs which are in white, gray and black those are best suited for modern looks.

We offer not only the Transitional rugs and all other variety of rugs, but also provide services those are necessary for maintaining the life of these rugs to keep your rugs fresh as new. We offer services of repair where we try to fix your rugs in the original state and also provide cleaning services to make your rug new and bright. Often rugs get faded away with time that can only be noticed by a professional as it gets dirty very slowly with time. But once cleaned you will get to know about the difference and this will get you a feel of having a new rugs.

We also purchase old rugs which are with you and cost it according to its condition present condition. We are exclusively dealing in this domain from the past 25 years and happen to be an expert who can help you select the best rug from the many options of Transitional rugs that we have with us.

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