Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Keivan Woven Arts’ offers to you the best in class rugs those can be availed from thousands of choices. There are Antiques and Semi Antiques collections as well which are available with us and are being offered in different variety of textures and designs. If you have a good taste for Vintage rugs then we have very good collection of Vintage Moroccan rugs those are available in great choices as well. In Moroccan rugs you will find different styles and textures those will suit your diverse style in all way.

We offer variety of rugs which comes from different countries straight from the traditional art that prevails in the local streets and native places. We have a well established network in Morocco, European nations, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many more countries from where we import all the antiques and rugs which carry great piece of art on them. Through our network we are able to bring to you the very local stuff with different styles.

With our reach we have made a great collection of Vintage Moroccan rugs. In Morocco has a long history and culture of rug industry. Back from the previous many centuries people of Morocco are making these carpets and rugs those depict the art and traditional effect in their embroidery. It originated from the Atlas Mountains when tribal people started making these carpets, blankets, floor mats and other such stuff in order to protect themselves from cold. The thickness and design in the Vintage Moroccan rugs can be depicted well by viewing and touching it, in the making of these rugs these techniques of making rugs were forwarded to generation to generations. From the same people comes the traditional rug that we have to offer to this world.

These are available in different sizes and can be selected according to size and color. All of the pieces are unique and different and offer great colors and texture those will set you place with beauty. There are Vintage Moroccan rugs which are available with a very plan color without texture as well and with color and plan texture as well. In most of the rugs you will find the Pile texture which is very beautifully woven with the wool. You can select out from various variety of red color those are available with different textures. There are hundreds of designs available from this category alone which are offered in red, gray, black, golden and bronze colors to select from.

We even offer services to repair old Vintage Moroccan rugs and antiques. With our expert services we try to provide you best in class cleaning and repair services to make your one time purchase stay new with you forever. We even purchase old rugs to help you buy new ones. We are well reputed in this industry and have been printed by many designers’ magazines. We are in this industry from the last twenty five years and have build expertise to help you with all related services with our best.

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