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Throughout the world’s legendary locales for woven arts, our buyers travel to discover the finest antique woven masterpieces as well as loom sites capable of creating the most masterful antique reproductions and contemporary carpets. Keivan Woven Arts is the preeminent source for fine Antique, Antique Reproductions, and Vintage rugs. Their collections include over 2800 of the world’s choicest rugs. They cater to the most discerning clientele in the design industry. Their showroom offers a vast collection of beautiful Oriental, European and American rugs. They offer the most outstanding assemblage of Turkish and Oushak carpets in the Southeast.

Owner, Keivan Beroukhim, has spent the last 26 years refining his craft. He has a profound knowledge of Antique carpets, has made himself well-known and well-respected in the design Industry, and is a noted lecturer on the subject of oriental rugs.

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Based in Atlanta, Robert Brown Interior Design is one of the country's most celebrated interior design firms. The company is widely known for translating the Robert Brown aesthetic--clean lines, classic proportions, and sophisticated furnishings--into a wide variety of luxury projects.

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"For years now, Kevian Woven Arts has been an invaluable resource for my team. We are so spoiled by Keivan; their service and inventory really are unparalleled. We sometimes find ourselves, literally, scouring the globe for the pieces that we need tofinish a project, but never for rugs. We always know just where to go for that!"

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