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Kilim carpets are woven by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the wool to make a surface with no pile. Jajeem carpets are flat-woven rugs with embroidery work and are generally more detailed. The most recognized and highly esteemed rugs are distinguished by the area, villages, or cities in which they were woven. Some Kilim rugs are produced in two or three narrow pieces, which are then woven together to create a wider rug.

Antique kilim rugs were historically used as part of a bride's dowry. The females of the family would weave each rug, which would contain symbols of the family tradition and tribal identity. Kilim carpets are also used as table coverings, bed covers, and wall hangings.

Scandinavian Kilim and Scandinavian Flat Weave rugs have been produced for centuries in many different countries of Scandinavia, including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Initially, Scandinavian rugs and carpets featured solid colors, such as white, gray, black and yellow, but over time, many geometric shapes and floral designs became common. Vintage Scandinavian rugs work very well in transitional interiors due to their Art Deco looks. Additionally, many Scandinavian rugs, especially Swedish rugs, are of a contemporary design. Because Mid-Century Modern and Transitional design trends have risen in popularity, Scandinavian rugs have become in high-demand.