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Antique Reproduction carpets are extremely desirable, as demand for quality antique rugs have driven their prices higher. They are typically made in India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The exceptional quality of new carpets make them a perfect tool for decoration, as they offer a variety of color palettes and traditional designs.

Today, many Reproduction rugs follow the traditions set in the late 19th Century, but they have been updated for designer markets and decorator demands. Patterns are taken from old carpets and recolored to fit current trends. Fine Antique Reproduction carpets are characterized by their unique style, harmony, balance, and unpredictable color palette. Many soft and pastel colors are used. Custom options are popular among Antique Reproduction carpets, and most can be made within a time period of six months.

We believe that because Antique Reproductions are a central part of any décor, they should maintain their integrity and sense of timelessness. These objectives can only be achieved by maintaining high quality standards.