Custom Rugs

Keivan Woven Arts is proud to offer one of the most diverse and richly unique collections of custom carpets available. Custom carpets are ideal for spaces that require specific design aesthetics, color schemes, and sizing.

We feature 16 custom collections of varying design, including traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary. Intricate patterns include geometric, concentric, streamlined, and diamond lattice-work, among others. With a wide range of affordable pricing options, the collections feature rugs with varying degrees of pile, texture and thickness. Additionally, with a variety of sizing and color options, one is sure to find the perfect piece to complement any interior.



This versatile custom collection functions beautifully as an alternative floor covering. The design is easy to place and work with, and it is customizable with your choice of two colors from a palette of 18 and counting.

Berber Collection

The Berber Collection of rugs features diamond lattice-work designs inspired by Moroccan Beni Ourain's rugs. The distinctive geometric patterns are rendered in earth tones and hints of color are set against a muted field. Hand-knotted in naive lozenges and imperfect lines, thick, multicolor wool yarns lend an ultra-plush feel with variegated shading.

Meadow Collection

The Meadow Collection offers a tranquil and luxurious expression for any room. Available in a vast variety of color ways, this collection can be custom-sized in any measurements up to 12'x15'. Great for prompt deliveries and budget-sensitive jobs.

Scandinavian Flat Weave

The Scandinavian Flat Weave Collection is inspired by the work of early to mid-20th Century textile designers, such as Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Ingrid Dessau, Mary Sandberg, and Judith Johansson, to name a few. With a unique blend of historical and modern designs, these dynamic and exciting compositions are beautifully suited for contemporary and classical interiors.

Tibetan Collection

Every hand-woven Tibetan Modern rug is a true work of art. The materials are the finest nature has to offer, consisting of hand-carded, hand-spun Tibetan silk. The pieces are created using a lot-dying process before they are given a final wash to bring out the rich hues and variations that are characteristic of every fine Tibetan Modern rug.

North African Collection

The North African Collection draws inspiration from African textures and design. Stunning neutral tones and bold geometric motifs lend a touch of tribal beauty, while genuine black accents imbue each piece with unique grey flourishes.

Fusion Collection

The Fusion Oushak Collection utilizes a masterful, modern interpretation of Oushak, Zeigler and Khotan designs in exotic, vivid colors and lustrous wool.

Mariet Collection

A monochromatic composition emphasizes the streamlined design of the contemporary rugs in this collection, while a sheered-down pile evokes a minimalist, textured aesthetic. Faint pops of color shine against a solid field in these one-of-a-kind rugs. Each rug is organically colored and then finished to produce a revolutionary work of art that proves the power of exotic hues to influence and transform.

JL Flat Weave

The JL Flat-Weave Collection offers a variety of colors in pastel and rich tones. Handcrafted from 100% wool, these flat-weave rugs are reversible and can be cleaned just like any oriental rug. This collection can also be made in a solid design with color variations. Rugs can be made in 1-, 2- or 3-ply wool, each providing a unique texture and thickness.

Scando Collection

The striking geometric patterns of this collection are infused with complexity and interest. Evocative of the geometric nature of Scandinavian designs, these rugs exemplify poignancy in simplicity, representing a creative fusion of the past with the present.

High Low Collection

The High Low Collection features diagonal lines and concentric motifs, which create dramatic visual and tactile statements in the rugs' interiors. Rhythmic geometric sequences unify the high-low design, a seamless fusion of expression.

Natural Collection

Hand-knotted in India, the Natural Collection features various shades in each piece to produce a clean, minimalist look. The quick lead time and affordability of this collection make it a must for any project.

Cypress Collection

The Cypress Collection is hand-woven with elegance, richness and intricate patterns. The geometrical depictions and floral motifs contain an abundance of hues and depths of meaning that ensure this collection is imbued with an impactful, artistic statement.

Allure Collection

The Allure Collection is an eclectic selection of varying styles. Allure incorporates contemporary colors in traditional, chic, transitional and modern designs. The hand-knotted rugs are 100% wool and available in-stock in a variety of sizes.

Amaze Collection

The finest quality of cotton and wool, combined with a specially developed weave structure, ensures our Amaze Collection rugs are not only sturdy, but have clean patterns and a refined quality. Amaze pieces are completely handmade, and the modern simplicity and brilliance of their color make them perfect for the contemporary or transitional home.


This collection is characterized by it's unique geometric, triangular design. Made from the finest New Zealand wool, this vibrant and fun line is perfect for casual settings, such as beach houses and mountain retreats. It is available in all custom sizes.